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Since 23.03.2018

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Web based portal for job opportunities and projects, with profile management for candidates and companies with the option to build business partnerships.

Web based online shop for furniture. ERP system for the management of all business processed related to resale and trade. Administration of articles, orders, warehouses, manufacturer and subcontractors, optional services (logistics, financial services) etc.

Web based system for distribution and DRM protection of movies and film products.

ARIS Products

Every organization, regardless of its scale and business activity, has business processes. When these processes are treated with efficiency and effectiveness, they not only assure the company’s survival on the market, but also lead to increase its competitive advantages. The success of every company in mid and long term is directly connected to the quality of its process management, which focuses on the efficiency of the workflow, organizational and informational infrastructure.

Business Process Management gives companies an ability to be flexible towards market changes and expectations of customers. The constant optimization of the processes and implementation of information systems supporting their realization, are necessary prerequisite for improvement of the competitive positions and company’s ability to innovate. The optimization of processes related to new product development, delivery of the product to the customer, services offering, support, management and controlling, along with the implementation of IT applications, that are of great importance for the company’s success (ERP, SRM and SCM systems) lead to reduction of the process time and costs. This improves the efficiency of the company and the quality of its products and services, leading to increasing satisfaction of the clients.

ARIS Platform, a product of the German company IDS Scheer, provides an integrated set of software tools that helps enterprises to continuously improve their business processes. ARIS Platform is based on the ARIS Value Engineering – an approach for business processes excellence via continuous optimization. As an operational instrument for business process management, ARIS Platform fulfills and actively supports the entire business cycle of the company – process description and modeling, integration with information systems and technologies, constant monitoring, process analysis and optimization. ARIS also supports the entire cycle of information system development and implementation – from requirements definition to design and implementation. Combining the best practices and experience from accomplished projects via ARIS Platform methods and tools, ARIS products can be used in different management initiatives like strategic management, performance management, business software implementation, development and implementation of integrated information systems, quality management, risk management, cost management, software engineering, SAP systems redocumentation, etc.

ARIS is registered trademark of IDS Scheer AG (Germany)