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Since 23.03.2018 Idea Solutions Ltd. has become a subsidiary of Idea Partners JSCo.

Since 23.032.018 Idea Solutions Ltd. functions as a subsidiary of Idea Partners JSCo. The acquisition of 100% of the shares of Idea Solutions Ltd. by Idea Partners JSCo. will provide new opportunities for future growth. Idea solutions Ltd. will serve as a IT solutions provider for all projects of the holding Idea Partners JSCo.

Business Process Management courses in May

IDEA Partners and The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Mathematics and Informatics organize following courses..

IDEA Partners starts a new project

IDEA Partners jointly with business analysts and experts from Estrelle software and consulting and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Institute of Mathematics and Informatics starts the project ARIS Academy. The ARIS Academy will offer training courses for people who want to use the ARIS products. There are several levels of courses – from basic ARIS training and fundamentals of business analysis to high level and specialized training. After successful completion of the training course a diploma for professional qualification is issued to the trainee. For more information, please visit ARIS Academy.

ARIS is registered trademark of IDS Scheer AG (Germany)